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Customwinepourer.com is a subsidiary of the Ponty Winery in Bordeaux. Our winery was founded in 1905 in Canon Fronsac. In 2012, we opened an office in Beijing, China, to be able to directly import our wines there and be closer to our distributors. Helene Ponty, 5th generation of the Ponty family and in charge of our China office, decided to also start producing our promotional materials directly with Chinese factories, and particularly our wine pourers. We use our non-drip wine pourers with our distributors in France and worldwide. Soon, our winery owner friends were asking us to help them produce their own affordable promotional materials in China.

That’s how we realized that we could use our connections with local factories to help other wineries create their own customized wine pourers. Why wine pourers? A wine pourer is the perfect vehicle for your brand: you can customize it with your logo and color code, and it is light, cheap, and most of all, useful. It is the perfect gift to show your support to your distributor, or even your individual customers.

Who do we work with?

  • wineries in Europe and North America
  • wine cellars
  • professional organisms like regional wine councils
  • bars, restaurants and hotels
  • clubs and associations like the Confrerie des Gentilhommes de Bordeaux

We guarantee:

  • your satisfaction thanks to an efficient and personalized customer service
  • quality non drip wine pourers to represent your brand
  • easy communication with our English speaking team

Our Chinese office is located in Shangdu Soho, Tower West, Room 1422, in the central business district of Beijing.

For all inquiries: [email protected]